I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Travel2Vegas Movie Page

Travel2Vegas has a Vegas movie page where they show a huge selection of movies that have Gambling or Vegas related material in them.

It's the perfect page to visit with boxcovers shown when you have that Vegas Jones and either want to rent or buy a Vegas movie to satisfy "that itch".

There are the obvious titles listed like Leaving Las Vegas, but many many that I've never heard of before.

Check it out and if there are any that you can think of that aren't on the page, shoot them an email, I bet they would be happy to hear from you.

Here is the link-
Travel2Vegas Movie Page

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John said...

I love movies and the ones that are made about Vegas, Gambling, aren't about Vegas or Gambling but have great scenes set in Vegas or Reno are some of the best.

One recent movie "21," was pretty much a disappointment but they did a pretty good job glamorizing the life of card counters ( although most card counters aren't as good looking as those actors)

One thing I realized about using Kevin Spacey in "21" is he is a pretty good actor of Vegas movies and should be used more. Can't really say the same for Lawrence Fishbourne - he looked more like a high school principal than a Vegas backroom/surveillance type.