I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Larry's Vegas Restaurant Guide

I don't know Larry, but I do know that this man is living the dream. Eating like a king, visiting the mecca a ridiculous number of times, and doing it all first class.

Here is a link to Larry's restaurant guide for Las Vegas. He skew toward fine dining and critiques each place with a detailed review.

From the site-
" In the last few years, I've spent a ridiculous amount of time in Las Vegas - and a lot of the time was spent eating at Las Vegas' rapidly improving array of restaurants. While I've only had one meal at many of the restaurants listed, I've eaten more than a dozen meals at a couple of the places.

The reviews vary in the amount of information provided - my journal was more detailed on some trips than on others. Where possible, I describe the menu, atmosphere, service, and each item ordered. I also try to provide an indication of cost; unless otherwise noted, the amount listed is for one person, exclusive of drinks, tax and tip."

Here is the link-
Larry's Vegas Restaurant Guide

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Las Vegas Magazine

Las Vegas Magazine bills itself as the IN-SIDE, IN-DEPTH, IN-ROOM weekly guide to Las Vegas. It brings you upcoming weekly events, what's happening around town, profiles of Vegas denizens and hot-spots. In general a great resource from Vegas.com.

It also features Luxe Life with Robin Leach along with a searchable show guide.

Here is the link-
Las Vegas Magazine

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

LVRJ Best of Eat & Drink

Here is a link to the Las Vegas Review Journal's Best of Eat and Drink 2007. They list the editor's picks aloing with readers choices for best in a gazillian different categories.

Best Appetizers
Best Bagels
Best Bakery
Best Bar Food
Best Barbecue
Best Chinese Restaurant
Best Coffee/Cappuccino
Best Deli
Best Desserts
Best Diner/Coffee Shop
Best Doughnuts
Best Family Restaurant
Best French Restaurant
Best Gourmet Restaurant
Best Hamburgers
Best Hot Dogs
Best Ice Cream
Best Indian Restaurant
Best Italian Restaurant
Best Japanese Restaurant
Best Late-Night Dining
Best Lunch Deal
Best Martini or Specialty Drink
Best Meal for Less Than $10
Best Mexican Restaurant
Best Middle Eastern Restaurant
Best New Restaurant (Opened in 2006)
Best Other Ethnic Restaurant
Best Outdoor Dining
Best Pizza
Best Place for Breakfast
Best Place for a Power Lunch
Best Place to Eat When You're on a Diet
Best Restaurant With a View
Best Salads
Best Seafood
Best Soul Food Restaurant
Best Soup
Best Steakhouse
Best Sub Sandwich
Best Sushi
Best Tacos
Best Thai Restaurant
Best Tropical Drinks
Best "Undiscovered" Restaurant
Best Wine Selection
Most Romantic Restaurant

Here is the link-
LVRJ Best of Eat and Drink 2007

Monday, January 28, 2008

Las Vegas Line Movements

Vegasinsider.com brings you Line movements on all your favorite betting games. The link I provided is for the Superbowl. It shows all the major sportsbooks and time specific when they change their betting lines on sporting events. For example you can see how Caesars has moved on Jan 20th at 10:18Pm from 14 point Patriots favorites to 10:20PM to 13.5 point favorites for the New England Patriots, and all subsequent line movement that got them to the current (as of 5:56AM Jan 28th) 12 point favorites. They go through this exersize with all the major Vegas bookmakers.

You can click on the different tabs to find the same type of info on all the major sporting events.

Very cool stuff even if you don't gamble but just want to see how the lines move at all the different casinos and/or compare lines around town.

Here is the link to the Superbowl line movement page-
Vegas Superbowl Lines

Here is a link to the main page for all major sporting events line changes-

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cabbie Guide

Here is what is billed as the "Official Cabbie Guide to Las Vegas" Although a lot of stuff hasn't been updated in a while it's still interesting to get the cabbie perspective on things as they see and hear it all. If any of you have read the Las Vegas Cabbie Chronicles or Vegas Taxicab Confessions you know that these guys have a handle on what is going on around town.

There are many categories.

From the site-
"Las Vegas Hotels-Cabbie ratings for all major hotels/resorts. Plus, cabbie picks for best in major categories. Toll free phone numbers and more...

Cabbie Best-Here's our own taxi driver picks for the best dining, shows, entertainment, golf, kids, cheap deals, and attractions.

Misc. Vegas-Tons of stuff! History, How not to get screwed by your Las Vegas cabbie, weddings, Hack quiz, and headliners.

Las Vegas Adult-Cab Drivers' Las Vegas Adult Entertainment Street Guide. Brothel and strip club info, escorts, private entertainers, more.."

Here is the link-
Las Vegas Cabbie Guide

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stripper 101

For all you freaky hos, here is a link to the very popular Stripper 101 class at Planet Hollywood. This would be a great event for a bachelorette party I'm guessing or a desperate housewife that wants to get here groove on and give a little something back to her significant other.

From the site-"Stripper 101 is the ultimate Las Vegas experience that allows women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to unleash their inner bombshell with pole dancing! Featured in USA Today and the Los Angeles Times, Stripper 101 is considered the most famous class of its kind worldwide.

Striptease dance classes are popping up across America. Celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Teri Hatcher, Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra and Kelly Ripa have all caught on to the striptease craze. Stripper 101 is the first to offer ladies the chance to groove and get down in the midst of their shopping spree with classes held inside the Miracle Mile Mall. There is definitely no better place than Las Vegas to further the wild popularity of exotic dance classes.

Stripper 101 is held in a private space that closely resembles a nightclub. Every detail including strobe lights, intoxicating music and cocktails are included to make Stripper 101 a truly authentic experience. Actual exotic dance moves used in Las Vegas gentleman’s clubs are taught, as well as choreography with boas, chairs and poles! During the class each student will have the chance to master the Sin City stripper pole. During all the fun, women won’t even notice they are burning an average of 400 to 500 calories per hour. At the completion of the class each student receives a certificate establishing them as a “genuine Las Vegas stripper.”

Stripper 101 is designed to help women feel great about themselves by releasing their sensual side while learning sexy moves. Previous dance experience is not necessary. All the moves and technique taught within the class are by a skilled instructor. Stripper 101 creates a safe environment for women to explore their body and sexual power. Of course no nudity actually occurs, but students are encouraged to lose their inhibitions while having fun.

The class is a great way for ladies to top off a wild bachelorette weekend by learning some moves to take back home. Also, it’s fantastic for wives and girlfriends to discover ways to impress their significant other. Stripper 101 is sure to add some spice to the bedroom. Most of all, it’s an enjoyable way to create a better body and increase self-confidence all while becoming a “genuine Las Vegas stripper.”

Here is the link-
Stripper 101 Classes at Planet Hollywood

Friday, January 25, 2008

Top 10 LV Real Estate Deals Blog

Robin Camacho a Las Vegas realtor has a real time top ten Las Vegas Real Estate Values Blog over at Las Vegas Advisor. It's a pretty cool blog that they have integrated into the LVA website where you can click on what Robin feels are outstanding values and there are listing sheets and pictures of the properties so you can see how far your dollar can go in the Las Vegas real estate market.

If you are a Vegas junkie like me you probably already know that Las Vegas real estate is in the shitter. Robin lists what these properties originally sold for and you will be astounded at some of the price drops. She also has regular blog entries about the Vegas real estate scene in general.

From her blog-" Real estate markets everywhere are dynamic, but in a hyper-growth city like Las Vegas, real estate is especially changeable and topical. LVA has been asked many times to institute coverage of the Las Vegas market, which we now have on these pages with the help of Robin Camacho. Here, Robin provides up-to-date information and analysis of market conditions in southern Nevada.

Robin's real-time Top Ten Real Estate Values appear below.

Robin is a REALTOR and a Branch Owner with American Realty & Investments. She offers comprehensive real estate services, and is available to assist you with your real estate portfolio needs."

Here is the link-
Robin Camacho's Top 10 Las Vegas Real Estate Values

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vegas Gambler

DRich is a valuable contributor over at the VegasRex forums. He has started a gambling blog about his daily experiences gambling in Las Vegas. What is interesting is that he keeps a daily log of his yearly winnings and losses.

From his site"I'm a seventeen year resident of Las Vegas and I have been gambling daily since moving here. I have worked as a programmer, game developer, and consultant to the gaming industry for the last fourteen years and I believe I have a broad knowledge of all things gambling."

He's just gotten started so give his site a look.

Here is the link-
The Vegas Gambler

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

VegasRy Podcast Blog

Someone sent me this link to the VegasRy podcast. Its from the perspective of a couple of guys both named Ryan and their misadventures in Vegas.

Also on their website there are reviews of hotels, casinos, nightclubs, shows, books and restaurants. The site is very clean looking and easy to navigate. I always appreciate a cleanly designed website (much unlike mine, lol).

From their site-"Ryan Morris and Ryan Johnson have been to Las Vegas more times than we can remember (literally), and started VegasRy.com as an outlet for all our thoughts, reviews and news we run across. Our goal is to create the most helpful and fun Vegas-related destination on the Net. We welcome and encourage thoughts, suggestions, or any other feedback as we endeavor to develop and maintain the best Vegas site out there."

One comment- To state you want to "develop and maintain the best Vegas site out there" is pretty ballsy, considering some of the great sites out there already, but I say go for it. I can never get enough Vegas info and I love getting that perspective from young hip folks.

Here is the link-
VegasRy Podcast Blog

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Daily Fiasco

The Daily Fiasco is a hip, current, young Vegas entertainment blog. Featuring the latest happenings with pics at the latest events around town.

I think they explain it best-

"What, you need an explanation? Let’s see what Answers.com has to say on this subject:

  • daily: happening or done every day
  • fiasco: catastrophe

Hmm, that didn’t really help, did it? OK, fine. Here’s the lowdown: Las Vegas is a hot mess. We’re here to make sense of it all. From food & beverage news and nightclub nonsense to celebrity trashing and entertainment reporting, Daily Fiasco wants to be your source for all the news that’s fit to blog in this neon wasteland where dreams are killed and Paris Hilton gets paid $20,000 to get drunk and annoy people in a nightclub.

Welcome to Daily Fiasco. There’s no escaping now."

Here is the link-
The Daily Fisaco

Monday, January 21, 2008

Classic Las Vegas

I'm blown away. Not really knowing how I'm going to do this site justice in a review. Let's just say that it is the most definitive Vegas History Preservation site I've come across, jam packed with photos, blog entries, videos, historical preservation group events, links, and much much much more.

For as much information and video and photos that are provided it is still done in an incredibly clean user friendly fashion.

You MUST check this site out.

From the site-
"I grew up in Las Vegas from 1961 to 1977. I did not live in a hotel. My dad was not a member of the mob. I did not learn math by counting cards or by hanging out in the counting room. I had a normal childhood just like millions of other children who grew up in towns all across America.

Less than twenty-five years ago people had a hard time believing anyone actually lived in Las Vegas. But live there we did, just like countless families before us, just like countless families since. That experience gave me a healthy respect for the history of the town.

Las Vegas spent much of 2005 celebrating its 100th birthday, its Centennial. There were the traditional celebratory events such as fireworks, birthday cakes and parades. And because it is Las Vegas, various networks took a historical look at the city’s past. With over 100 years worth of history, I was hopeful that the history of the place that my family has called home for almost fifty years would finally be told. Instead, the same old myths and cast of characters paraded across the airwaves and, as always, I ended up yelling at the television more than my husband cared for."

Please check this site out you will be glad you did.

Here is the link-
Classic Las Vegas Blog

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wings For Wheels Vegas Podcast Episode

I found a podcast episode from Dave Lifton's "WingsForWheels" in which Dave collaborates with Tim Dressen from "FiveHundyByMidnight" on putting together the ultimate Vegas playlist. They talk about and play songs to get you amped up for your Vegas trip or to haunt you when you just return from Vegas and can only think of getting back.

From the site"On today’s show, Tim Dressen of the most excellent Five Hundy By Midnight podcast to talk about the music of Las Vegas. No, we didn’t talk about The Killers, the only band I can think of that came from there, but rather the music that we listen to when we want to gamble all night long while drinking ourselves silly. So put on a bowling shirt, mix yourself a cocktail, and join us as we talk about some classic tunes. "

Here is the link-
Wings For Wheels Podcast

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Casino Carpet Gallery

Talk about eccentric. The Casino Carpet Gallery from David G. Schwartz's DieisCast website is exactly as described. I wonder what the thought process entailed when deciding to catalog Casino Carpets. I mean who would ever think to do such a thing? Well apparently David G Schwartz, that's who.

There are nine pages of photographs of Casino Carpets. To say the man is obsessed is an understatement, no?

From his site-

"This is it...the notorious casino carpet gallery: NINE (9!) pages of casino carpeting and nothing but.
When I started this quixotic adventure, I thought I'd try to photograph a sample of casino carpeting in every Las Vegas casino. On a pre-Katrina trip to the Missisippi Gulf Coast, I decided to extend it--why not take pictures of the carpets there? From there it grew into a national quest: in every casino city I visit now, I make a point of capturing each casino's floor for these pages."

Here is the link-
Casino Carpet Gallery

Friday, January 18, 2008

Glorious Las Vegas

Here is a blog from a Brit named Mike Davis who runs Glorious Las Vegas. He provides photos, news, and offers.

From the site-"Glorious Las Vegas is a guide to Las Vegas, written by a British bloke who thought Vegas was the king of cheese and Elvis - until he actually went there!

Top tips, hotel reviews, tons of pics and the latest news on hotel implosions and future mega-hotels that are being built - Las Vegas is simply glorious!"

Here is the link-
Glorious Las Vegas

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Amazing Hi-Res Vegas Pic

Here is a link to an incredibly detailed Hi-Resolution photograph from the folks at Fly Las Vegas.
Best aerial shot I've ever seen.

Here's the link-
Hi-Res Vegas Pic

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The neon Museum

From the site-
"The Neon Museum's mission is to collect, preserve, study and exhibit neon signs and associated artifacts to inspire educational and cultural enrichment for diverse members of our international community."Our collection ranges from the 1940s to present day. Some pieces are restored as public art and mapped for our walking Tour. Others are kept in our Boneyard which is available by advance private appointment only.Educational programming revolves around history, design and popular culture primarily focused on Las Vegas. We are also extensively involved with the media and film industry as a location for shoots of all types."
Here's the link-

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Steve's Everything Las Vegas

Steve's Everything Las Vegas Blog is a long running blog (since June of 2005). Great read for all you Vegas freaks like me.

As of this post he has 651 posts, which is a buttload of work, but it's all done I'm sure as a labor of love. these sites don't generate money for folks so if you get a chance stop by and tell him what you think of his work.

Here's the link-
Steve's Everything Las Vegas

Saturday, January 5, 2008

American Casino Guide Podcasts

American Casino Guide Podcasts

I had no idea that American Casino Guide did a monthly podcast but lo and behold we found it.

The July 2007 podcast is with Anthony Curtis from Las Vegas Advisor in which he discusses various ways to save money on rooms, shows, food and gambling while visiting, or planning a trip to, Las Vegas.

You don't need to have an iPod to enjoy these podcasts, there are links on this page that you can click on that will play each episode right on your computer while you browse Vegaslinks.blogspot.com

From the site-"If you're not familiar with a podcast, it's similar to a radio show, except that it's a digital sound file that you can listen to at your convenience. You can listen to podcasts on your computer or on a portable digital music player. The American Casino Guide has a monthly podcast hosted by the book's author, Steve Bourie, who talks about topics of interest to travelers who like to visit casinos.Whether it's using the best gambling strategies or simply getting the best deals on travel to casinos, Steve can speak expertly on the subject. During each show, which all run about 30 minutes, Steve interviews a special guest from the world of casino travel or gambling."You can also subscribe to this podcast and have it downloaded automatically if you want all future episodes.
Here is the link-
American Casino Guide Podcasts

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Poker Girl in Vegas

Thanks to tully from the VegasRex forums for Poker Girl in Vegas.

It's a bit of a girly site but I love blogs and she put alot of work into hers. Great read and plenty of pics (I love pics).

Here is the link-
Poker Girl in Vegas