I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cabbie Guide

Here is what is billed as the "Official Cabbie Guide to Las Vegas" Although a lot of stuff hasn't been updated in a while it's still interesting to get the cabbie perspective on things as they see and hear it all. If any of you have read the Las Vegas Cabbie Chronicles or Vegas Taxicab Confessions you know that these guys have a handle on what is going on around town.

There are many categories.

From the site-
"Las Vegas Hotels-Cabbie ratings for all major hotels/resorts. Plus, cabbie picks for best in major categories. Toll free phone numbers and more...

Cabbie Best-Here's our own taxi driver picks for the best dining, shows, entertainment, golf, kids, cheap deals, and attractions.

Misc. Vegas-Tons of stuff! History, How not to get screwed by your Las Vegas cabbie, weddings, Hack quiz, and headliners.

Las Vegas Adult-Cab Drivers' Las Vegas Adult Entertainment Street Guide. Brothel and strip club info, escorts, private entertainers, more.."

Here is the link-
Las Vegas Cabbie Guide

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