I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wings For Wheels Vegas Podcast Episode

I found a podcast episode from Dave Lifton's "WingsForWheels" in which Dave collaborates with Tim Dressen from "FiveHundyByMidnight" on putting together the ultimate Vegas playlist. They talk about and play songs to get you amped up for your Vegas trip or to haunt you when you just return from Vegas and can only think of getting back.

From the site"On today’s show, Tim Dressen of the most excellent Five Hundy By Midnight podcast to talk about the music of Las Vegas. No, we didn’t talk about The Killers, the only band I can think of that came from there, but rather the music that we listen to when we want to gamble all night long while drinking ourselves silly. So put on a bowling shirt, mix yourself a cocktail, and join us as we talk about some classic tunes. "

Here is the link-
Wings For Wheels Podcast

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