I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stripper 101

For all you freaky hos, here is a link to the very popular Stripper 101 class at Planet Hollywood. This would be a great event for a bachelorette party I'm guessing or a desperate housewife that wants to get here groove on and give a little something back to her significant other.

From the site-"Stripper 101 is the ultimate Las Vegas experience that allows women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to unleash their inner bombshell with pole dancing! Featured in USA Today and the Los Angeles Times, Stripper 101 is considered the most famous class of its kind worldwide.

Striptease dance classes are popping up across America. Celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Teri Hatcher, Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra and Kelly Ripa have all caught on to the striptease craze. Stripper 101 is the first to offer ladies the chance to groove and get down in the midst of their shopping spree with classes held inside the Miracle Mile Mall. There is definitely no better place than Las Vegas to further the wild popularity of exotic dance classes.

Stripper 101 is held in a private space that closely resembles a nightclub. Every detail including strobe lights, intoxicating music and cocktails are included to make Stripper 101 a truly authentic experience. Actual exotic dance moves used in Las Vegas gentleman’s clubs are taught, as well as choreography with boas, chairs and poles! During the class each student will have the chance to master the Sin City stripper pole. During all the fun, women won’t even notice they are burning an average of 400 to 500 calories per hour. At the completion of the class each student receives a certificate establishing them as a “genuine Las Vegas stripper.”

Stripper 101 is designed to help women feel great about themselves by releasing their sensual side while learning sexy moves. Previous dance experience is not necessary. All the moves and technique taught within the class are by a skilled instructor. Stripper 101 creates a safe environment for women to explore their body and sexual power. Of course no nudity actually occurs, but students are encouraged to lose their inhibitions while having fun.

The class is a great way for ladies to top off a wild bachelorette weekend by learning some moves to take back home. Also, it’s fantastic for wives and girlfriends to discover ways to impress their significant other. Stripper 101 is sure to add some spice to the bedroom. Most of all, it’s an enjoyable way to create a better body and increase self-confidence all while becoming a “genuine Las Vegas stripper.”

Here is the link-
Stripper 101 Classes at Planet Hollywood

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