I Love This Place

I Love This Place
Photo By Matthew Field

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scene Las Vegas

Scene Las Vegas is a nightlife review site that features club reviews, lounge reviews,scene girls, the pool scene, top ten lists, tipping advice, videos and much more.

Here is a video featuring Tao at The Venetian from their website-

Here's a link to the site-

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vegas Tripping Shown on CNBC

What's pretty cool about the popularity of Vegas is that you have these mom and pop website operators doing things better than big advertisers. The Strip Podcast, FiveHundyByMidnight, RateVegas, VegasTodayandTomorrow and VegasTripping all offer far greater content than any of the big boy hotel/casino operators provide the Vegas consumer or aficionado.

Here is a CNBC report in which VegasTripping is shown at about one minute 40 seconds in. There are times when I wonder if the big operators understand how much these comparatively small budget websites affect their bottom lines. There are plenty of other message board and Vegas communities that also contribute to the way the casual consumer decides how they are going to spend their vacation money in Vegas- VegasRex, LasVegasAdvisor, VegasMessageboard, This Ain'tIowa and many others.

Anyway here is a clip from CNBC highlighting VegasTripping
In the Cheap is Chic titled clip Vegas Tripping is highlighted approximately 1 minute 40 seconds in to the clip

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ingenue Model Management LV

If pictures of Hot Vegas Models don't interest you then I suggest that you don't click this link. I found this model agency through my search for The Las Vegas Weekly Readers Choice Award Cover to put on yesterday's post. It seems like they use many of the models from Ingenue Model Management Co on their covers and for good reason.

Check out the site if this sorta thing (and by sorta thing I mean pics of hot fricken broads) interests you.

Here's the link-
Ingenue Model Management

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

LV Weekly Readers Choice Awards

Here is a link to the 2008 Las Vegas Weekly Readers' Choice Awards.

The Winners have been announced in such categories as -Best Steak, Best Pizza, Best Wine, Best Outdoor Dining,Dessert, Sushi, Bakery, Ribs, New Restaurant, Happy Hour, Cocktails, Non-Hotel Bar, Nightlife,Pool Hall, Hotel Bar, Art, Music Venue, Strip Club,Spa, Movie Theater, Band, Local Writer, Bartender, Photographer, Nightlife Denizen, Local Hero, Day trip, Wi-Fi Hangout, Neighborhood, Local Blog, and many that I've left out.

Check it out here-
Las Vegas Weekly Readers Choice Awards

Monday, May 19, 2008

Five Hundy By Midnight Likes Vegas Links.

My little Links Blog got a much appreciated plug on the first and one of the finest Vegas websites that I visit on a daily basis. The Five Hundy By Midnight Podcast Blog is where fans of the show leave comments discussing the latest Vegas podcast and to share their Vegas experiences and knowledge. It's almost like a forum but not quite.

Anyway the plug was very much appreciated as I'm sure Five Hundy's audience is far broader than mine. My blog started out as a project for what I thought I would like to have a handy reference for the insane amount of time I spend dreaming about and researching my next Vegas trip (which is a year round pastime).

It's morphed into something I'm pretty proud of but honestly it's all just a labor of love.

Thanks for visiting.- Joey

Here's the Link to the Five Hundy By Midninght Podcast where VegasLinks.blogspot .com gets our plug-
Five Hundy By Midnight Likes Vegas Links.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

LV Real Estate News

Las Vegas Real estate News is a Blog from Darren Hildreth, a Las Vegas Realtor with the firm Hildreth Barnhill . Darren puts forth a frequently updated blog with news about the Las Vegas Real Estate market.

There are also links to the MLS in Las Vegas and a bevy of other Vegas Real estate news.

Here is the link-
Las Vegas Real Estate News

The Light Group Blog

From The Light Group, comes a blog on their website detailing the latest from Vegas nightlife.

There are features such as "Top 11 things to do in Vegas Without Spending a Dime", "How To Get Into A Vegas Nightclub", and more. There are also links to photos from the respective clubs under The Light Group's growing umbrella of entertainment venues.

Check it out........................ for her.....................cuz she'd like that.......I'm sure of it-

Here's the link-
The Light Group Blog