I Love This Place

I Love This Place
Photo By Matthew Field

Friday, January 18, 2008

Glorious Las Vegas

Here is a blog from a Brit named Mike Davis who runs Glorious Las Vegas. He provides photos, news, and offers.

From the site-"Glorious Las Vegas is a guide to Las Vegas, written by a British bloke who thought Vegas was the king of cheese and Elvis - until he actually went there!

Top tips, hotel reviews, tons of pics and the latest news on hotel implosions and future mega-hotels that are being built - Las Vegas is simply glorious!"

Here is the link-
Glorious Las Vegas

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CarmenSinCity said...

When I workout, I really enjoy the classes. I used to do this class when I lived in Florida called Zumba. It's like aerobic, dancing, I sweated my ass off and it was so fun. I felt like I was at the club instead of the gym.

The treadmill is something I do a lot too, but it gets so boring. I also do some light weight lifting.

I used to be obsessed with the gym, but then I moved to Vegas and I haven't been to the gym since.

I know you are right, I will feel a million times better if I workout. It's just so hard to get the motivation to do it.