I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

VegasLinks Q&A With Chuckmonster From VegasTripping

Here's a new feature from VegasLinks. We will be featuring a series of questions answered by Vegas site webmasters or insiders.

I know the "Best of" thing has been done by many many great websites in which polls are held and votes are tallied. VegasTripping, VegasRex, The LVRJ, LV Weekly and others have Best of Vegas polls which I love to read.

What we aspire to do here is just a bit different and I hope you enjoy reading the responses. Most people that run Vegas websites all have a passion for the place. I'm sure a few make money but the real motivation for the good ones all come down to a fanatical desire to learn more about Vegas and where to go and what to eat and how to share that info with the online Vegas community. The thing that will differentiate the VegasLinks "Best of" Q&A is that it will be broken down by individual and not just any schmo from Idaho(no offense to any schmos from Idaho). Strictly Vegas Webmasters or Insiders will be showcased.

To start out we have Chuck from VegasTripping who puts together The Trippies, a Best of Vegas poll for which VegasLinks was nominated in the Best Blog category.

Name or Alias


Website URL to link back to


Best Hangover Food/Restaurant

Room Service > Pancakes

Best Romantic Spot For Dinner

Room Service > In Bed

Best Vegas Burger -Money No Object

Carson Street Cafe / Golden Nugget (Turkey burger... I'm allergic to beef)

Best Vegas Gourmet Burger

Turkey Burger at Carson Street Cafe / Golden Nugget

Restaurant In Vegas To Eat Your Last Living Meal

Sinatra, Encore

Best Value Hotel Room

Right now or 6 months ago? Now - Wynn | Encore. 6 months ago - TI.

Best Upscale Standard Hotel Room


Best Off Strip Day Excursion Or Adventure
Driving around the desert at dawn, rolling on x, listening to 'Damnation' by Opeth

Best On Strip Adventure

Food court at Excalibur

Best Place To Drink And Hold A Conversation

Anywhere the conversation is interesting

Best Place To Get Your Groove On

My groove is always on

Must Visit Vegas Website Not Including Your Own

http://search.twitter.com/search?q=vegas instant vegas w/o the filter or b.s.

Best Vegas Strip Joint

Whichever one Nomi Malone is working at.

Best Vegas Show

Rope line douchebags outside of various clubs.

Best Vegas Upscale Shopping


Best Vegas Value Shopping

The Cosby Sweater Store + The Gift Shop at Flamingo

Most Overrated Restaurant

Spago @ Caesars

Biggest Vegas Rip Off

Venetian/Palazzo's advertised room rates

Best Way For A Tourist To Get To Mandalay Bay From The Airport

Best Way For A Tourist To Get To Wynn From The Airport


Best Vegas Secret That Everyone Should Know About

I'm fresh out. Ask me tomorrow.

Thanks for your responses- Joey