I Love This Place

I Love This Place
Photo By Matthew Field

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mecca Entertainment

This is a pretty simple website but as a reference for the Las Vegas Partier there is simply no more valuable link listed. Mecca Entertainment is Bill Le's VIP hosting company. He has the connections to get you into the very best Vegas Nightclubs on the hottest nights. You tell him what type of nightlife experience you are looking for and he and his crew of friendly hosts will make it happen.

I guarantee this is the guy you wanna call when you have a bachelor or bachelorette party to put together and you want to make sure it is a memorable experience for everyone involved.
Just ask for Bill
Here is the link-


Anonymous said...

Bill what a great time we had...Although I cant grasp what we did?? Just what the doctor ordered...

Joey said...

Bill is The man, no doubt.

I know he's Asian, but I'd say there's some Viking blood mixed in there somewhare.