I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Thursday, November 29, 2007

This Ain't Iowa

First link of the day today is to a must listen to podcast of NotIowa.com. In the Wednesday November 28 episode Tommy Dutch, one of the hosts gives a recount of his first trip to The Green Door (a Vegas swingers club). He gives vivid details about how the whole place is set up for all you freaks or curious folks.

About the Show-
Originally a strictly Las Vegas podcast, the show has changed format and now covers a variety of topics including Sin City.
This Ain’t Iowa is produced three times a week and encourages all fans of the show to participate.
Monday:A sports show from a Las Vegas perspective. Anyone who gambles on sports, plays poker or wants to stand a chance of profiting on their next Vegas vacation should tune in.
Wednesday:Generally the show with the least content and the most entertainment value. Pop culture is always discussed, but usually the hosts get sidetracked and wander into random and strange conversations.
Friday:A show for anyone who visits Vegas, which nearly maintains the structure of the original program. The guys review all things Las Vegas and always conclude the show with a story that proves “This Ain’t Iowa.”
Here is the link-

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