I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cheapo Vegas

Thanks to English Bob and AcerockollaUK for reminding me about a glaring omission- CheapoVegas.

CheapoVegas was actually one of the first Vegas websites that I'd ever spent time doing Vegas research. I have no idea how it wasn't in my original list of favorites. Anyway it's a must visit site for its humor and excellent "cheapo" reviews.

The site breaks down hotels, pools, buffets, poker rooms, sportsbooks and a whole lot more sprinkling plenty of humor throughout. This site is a must read even for the seasoned Vegas traveler.

Here is the link-


Exiled in Maine said...

Hey Joey,
Exiled in Maine here from Vegas Rex.
Awesome blog you have here!!!!
I will be looking in my favorites to see if I can add to your Vegas links collection.

jen said...

I love this site. Great tips for the cheapskate in all of us!!

new girl said...

Cheapo Vegas is one of my faves. LOL (seriously)

Nice work Joey!

Joey said...

Yes I remember way back when, this was one of the first Vegas research sites I had ever visited. The beginning of the sick obsession for me I guess you could say.