I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Friday, November 30, 2007

What Brian Thinks

Here is a site by a guy named Brian that has hotel reviews, food reviews, a pretty active forum, and random Vegas stories. A good place to spend some time researching all things Vegas. The forum seems active with knowlegable Vegas folks contributing. So go check em out and leave a comment if you like what they are doing over there.

From the site-"So Who The Hell Am I, And What's With This Site?
Vegas is now run by lawyers and advertising executives.
Like a used car dealer, these are the same guys you’ve seen in every other profession who try to take everything they can from you, while giving you as little as they can in return. These are the same guys who would prefer to spend money on advertising that TELLS you something is good, rather then actually making it good.
Like you, I'm just a guy who likes to go to Vegas. I don't have any special connections, I don't get comp’ed the best of everything, and Dennis Rodman doesn't invite me to parties. Like you, I don't get to go to Vegas as often as I'd like, so when I'm there it really bugs me to spend money and time on something that doesn't rock.
That’s why I made this site.
You can learn from my mistakes, and benefit from my experiences. This site is nothing but my opinions; take them for what they're worth, and use them however you like.

Here's the link-

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