I Love This Place

I Love This Place
Photo By Matthew Field

Friday, February 13, 2009

Observations From The Latest Trip


Fix at Bellagio

Fontana Lounge For Drinks In Front Of The Fountains

Wynn Buffet

Kokomos on Mirage $29.99 price fixe dinner special

Vegas Concierge Updates on Twitter

Placed Third In The Vegas Rex Poker Tourney

Video Interview With Vegas Cabbie


Encore Was Amazing

Wynn Buffet Rocked

Pleasure Pit Dealers at Planet Ho were extremly friendly and fun while the Pussycat Doll dealers at Caesars all looked miserable dealing with long looks on their faces.

Bellagio $10 2-1 blackjack tables

Harrahs 6/5

$10 Blackjack at Palazzo and Venetian

Still love Venetian for value/location/rooms, but will look to stay elsewhere next year to broaden horizons.

After walking through Encore I now understand what the fuss is all about. You have to understand that I was a critic of all the folks that blew Steve Wynn and shit on Venetian as if it was a motel 6. While I still think the Venetian is very nice, Wynn is clearly a notch above and Encore is at least two notches above. The place is stunning and I can no longer defend Venetian as being in the same league even though I was a fierce proponent of that notion until I spent time touring Encore and Wynn this past trip.

Bad-Ah sin sushi at Paris all you can eat deal. What they don't tell you in the ad is that there is a limited selection of sushi available in the all you can eat deal and it is not prepared by the sushi chefs at the counter, it is prepared in the kitchen way in advance which made for mushy rice in the hand rolls. I've had better pre-prepared sushi at supermarkets.

TI's breakfast buffet at $17 is no way near the value of Wynn's $20 breakfast buffet- take the short walk across the street, well worth it

Canyon Ranch Spa pass @$40 is not as good as Qua at Caesars and it all has to do with the service. Spa attendants routinely spoke in loud voices and made loud noises in spaces that should have been peaceful tranquil areas (like in the hot tub area). Also a teeny tiny indoor jacuzzi at Canyon Ranch that would be full with 4 men. Mandalay bay's spa facility is older but way better run and with way better wet facilities. Qua at Caesars blows Canyon Ramch out of the water.

TI's smaller spa provides far greater and professional attendants.

Horrible horrible horrible- the expansion in front of Palazzo/Venetian that has been halted with the cranes still up and abandoned. Creates major eyesore for hotel guests and from the street as well.

Not a fan of Wynn sportsbook as the entire space is made up of those cubby like desks which takes away from that party like atmosphere that you get at Mandalay Bay with thier comfy chairs or Caesars where you can sit in a circle in the chairs and bullshit with your buddies. Because Wynn's sportsbook is made up entirely of those desks with the high partitions , you lose that.

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bmanpitt said...

Trips like this will make us all fat...Vegas is defiantly offering outstanding deals just about every place you look. The shows were amazing too with a wide selection of deals at half off tickets. Revolution lounge is great live band venue almost any weekend night. Above everything the spas should be used everyday to soak your tired soul.