I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vegas Links Q&A With Serena Denise From Single Girl In Sin City

Serena was an exotic dancer at Club Paradise across from the Hard Rock until she recently got fired. Now looking for new employment you can follow along and find out where she turns up next. Serena's blog, Single Girl In Sin City is updated regularly and she holds pretty much nothing back in her writing. If you want the real scoop on what it's like to be in her shoes, check it out.

Name or Alias Serena Denise

Website URL to link back to http://singlegirlinsincity.blogspot.com/

Best Hangover Food/Restaurant
Original Pancake House at GVR

Best Romantic Spot For Dinner
It's been a while since I've had a romantic dinner........But from what I remember, Alize at the Palms Casino or Drais

Best Vegas Burger -Money No Object
Sierra Gold at Warms Springs and Stephanie.

Best Vegas Gourmet Burger
Sierra Gold....they have damn good food!

Restaurant In Vegas To Eat Your Last Living Meal
The Melting Pot......MMMMMmmMMMM

Best Value Hotel Room
Any Station Casino

Best Upscale Standard Hotel Room

Best Off Strip Day Excursion Or Adventure
Red Rock Canyon

Best On Strip Adventure
Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

Best Place To Drink And Hold A Conversation
Fontana Bar's outside patio at Bellagio

Best Place To Get Your Groove On
Anywhere in The Hard Rock

Must Visit Vegas Website Not Including Your Own

Best Vegas Strip Joint
Little Darlings (I'm a regular there...I know I of all people should know better LOL)

Best Vegas Show
Love at Mirage.....Love the Beatles and Cirque.

Best Vegas Upscale Shopping
Fashion Show Mall

Best Vegas Value Shopping
Las Vegas Premium Outlets

Most Overrated Restaurant
Stack at Mirage

Biggest Vegas Rip Off
Bottles in the club. People seriously spend $400 or more for a bottle of vodka. I know I'm in the industry but it's insane!

Best Way For A Tourist To Get To Mandalay Bay From The Airport
Take a cab or limo....who needs directions? You can also take a shuttle from the airport. Its cheaper and not many people take them.

Best Way For A Tourist To Get To Wynn From The Airport
See above

Best Vegas Secret That Everyone Should Know About
If a cabbie drops you off at a strip club, you should not have to pay the fare or tip him. He's getting a kickback from the club. Usually $50 minimum for every person he drops there. Everything is Vegas is negotiable.

Thanks for playing along Serena!

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