I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Monday, February 2, 2009

VegasLinks Q&A With Michelle Dressen From Five Hundy By Midnight

Next up on the VegasLinks hit parade is Michelle Dressen the fun loving partner of Tim on Five Hundy By Midnight. The Dressens won best Vegas podcast in the Trippie Awards once again for 2008. Five Hundy Rocks!

Name or Alias
Michele from Five Hundy (although I have to admit I'm neither a Vegas webmaster nor an insider)

Website URL to link back to

Best Hangover Food/Restaurant
Bagels from the nearest coffee shop (usually Seattle's Best in Wild Bill's Saloon and Shootery). Not that I have any experience with this whatsoever.

Best Romantic Spot For Dinner
Anywhere Tim happens to be

Best Vegas Burger -Money No Object

Bradley Ogden (bar menu)

Best Vegas Gourmet Burger

Bradley Ogden (bar menu)

Restaurant In Vegas To Eat Your Last Living Meal
Michael's at South Point

Best Value Hotel Room
Any room that's free

Best Upscale Standard Hotel Room


Best Off Strip Day Excursion Or Adventure
Double Down Saloon

Best On Strip Adventure
Attempting to have a drink in each hotel, starting at the Stratosphere and working your way south, or Mandalay Bay and working your way north. My advice? Don't rush it.

Best Place To Drink And Hold A Conversation
Peppermill (Fireside Lounge) or Trader Vic's (when the weather allows)

Best Place To Get Your Groove On
Karaoke in the lounge at Bill's Gambling Emporium

Must Visit Vegas Website Not Including Your Own

Best Vegas Strip Joint
No idea

Best Vegas Show
With tickets? Love. For free? The array of costumes (or lack thereof) at Bill's when Drai's lets out

Best Vegas Upscale Shopping
The Esplanade at Wynn (host to one of two Manolo retail outlets in the U.S.)

Best Vegas Value Shopping
Las Vegas Premium Outlets

Most Overrated Restaurant

Biggest Vegas Rip Off
Most video poker pay tables on the Strip, and 6:5 blackjack

Best Way For A Tourist To Get To Mandalay Bay From The Airport
By taxi (not through the tunnel, unless you're in a huge hurry and price is no object)

Best Way For A Tourist To Get To Wynn From The Airport
By limo (you might as well splurge on transportation as well, right?)

Best Vegas Secret That Everyone Should Know About
Low rollers can have just as much fun as high rollers -- that's what makes this place so great.

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