I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

VegasLinks Q&A with PS Love

From PS Love

"The stats say people keep clicking on this page looking for something, so here ya go.
I live in Las Vegas and write. And write and write. Well, sometimes I do something around this fabulous town and then I come home and write."

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PS Love

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Best Hangover Food/Restaurant
You'd think a old drunk like me would be the expert on that, but given I haven't had a drink in 17 years, I'm a bit out of touch.But I'd bet it would be anything Mexican and oozing with cheese and beans. Do we have a Roberto's or Alberto's here? I think I just saw one somewhere when I was driving around in the bloggermobile.

Best Romantic Spot For Dinner
I would have to Charley Palmer's. But having not had a date since shortly after I quit drinking.... I may not be qualified to answer that one.

Best Vegas Burger -Money No Object
I finally found one! AWESOME burgers at the Yard House! They are the best I've had since those olive burgers on Long Lake in Portage, Michigan.

Best Vegas Gourmet Burger
Wouldn't the gourmet part of that equation really mess up the burger part of the equation?

Restaurant In Vegas To Eat Your Last Living Meal
There used to be a place called Mircado or something like that. It was fabulous Japanese. I loved that place. It is gone now. I guess I can't die.

Best Value Hotel Room
The Orleans. Very comfortable, adequate rooms, GREAT DEALS, and friendly, helpful staff. Definitely the best over all value.

Best Upscale Standard Hotel Room
I'm not sure, but I really enjoyed staying at the Wynn once. Big fluffy bed with even fluffier pillows. Concierge was so friendly and went well beyond the call of duty to help me. The bathroom was to die for. They actually have BIG tubs. With jets!

Best Off Strip Day Excursion Or Adventure
Can I say Fremont Street Experience here? It is so much fun down there... or is it up there? I guess it is up there.

Best On Strip Adventure
Any time Karen from Denver is in town. The strip turns in to quit an adventure for anyone near by!

Best Place To Drink And Hold A Conversation
Now that is really hard to find!Probably the best kept secret for that is that lounge at the top of the Stratosphere. It is like walking in to the 1960s, complete with jazz bad and cozy tables. Some of them even have veils around the table! It is small, quiet, quaint and really pretty romantic actually with the view and all.

Best Place To Get Your Groove On
My groove died with the turn of the century. Pity.

Must Visit Vegas Website Not Including Your Own
http://www.lvol.com/lvlc/events.html if you're looking for what's going on. Other than that, I dunno. Everyone is in to something different, you know?

Best Vegas Strip Joint
LOLI haven't a clue.

Best Vegas Show
I'm partial to Blueman. I love the blue guys! I laughed so hard I cried.

Best Vegas Upscale Shopping
Probably any of those casino malls would do the trick in an upscale shopping emergency.

Best Vegas Value Shopping
Fashion Show Mall. I hate malls, but I love that one! It is SO cool and I got a lot of great deals in there.I wish they would ban those overly aggressive Israeli kiosk salespeople though. Man, I can't stand them. There should be a law.

Most Overrated Restaurant
That BLT Burger at the Mirage comes to mind. But the hype is probably done by now.I don't know. Does anyone rave about any of them really?

Biggest Vegas Rip Off
Voodoo Lounge at the Rio. What a rip. The food is really good, don't get me wrong, but the prices are absolutely ridiculous for what you are served and speaking of serve... the service sucks big time.

Best Way For A Tourist To Get To Mandalay Bay From The Airport
Twitter vegascabbieHe'll get ya there, without a trip through the tunnel. ;)

Best Way For A Tourist To Get To Wynn From The Airport
Seriously, twitter vegascabbie. Don't waste your time trying to get places on your own. You're on vacation! Hire a driver! Behave like a spoiled Princess! Make memories, not traffic.

Best Vegas Secret That Everyone Should Know About
We know what you did here.You don't think we know, but, oh, we know.....And I will put it in virtual print if I ever find out about it!

Thanks for your responses- Joey

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