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I Love This Place
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Die Is Cast

The Die Is Cast is Davis G Schwartz blog in which he examines everything about gambling. From his blog- "

David G. Schwartz
has been praised as "gaming's leading historian" and is widely recognized as an astute observer of the many facets of the culture of chance. His first book, Suburban Xanadu, established him as an authority on gambling and related issues. His second, Cutting the Wire, considers the relevance of gambling prohibition in the Internet age. Roll the Bones, his third book, takes in the entire sweep of gambling history, from the dawn of time to the present day.

Schwartz was born in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry there, specializing in security and surveillance, though he also had a formative early stint as Mr. Peanut. He's got a Ph.D. in U.S. History from UCLA and, since 2001, has been the Director of the Center for Gaming Research at UNLV, which means that he not only studies gambling, but also encourages others to do so. He's also taught a range of subjects, running the gamut from hospitality security to writing creative non-fiction, but mostly focusing on gambling and history. For his full bio, check out the media page.

Dr. Schwartz writes a great deal about gambling, and you'll find some of that here. There are also book reviews, lots of stuff about Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and even some writing about writing.

On the static, non-blog pages, you can learn about his speaking, writing, and consulting. Or, if you dare, browse the image galleries, wherein hides the collection that has made art critics weep, habitual gamblers shudder, and aesthetes of all stripes cringe: the world's largest digital gathering of casino carpet pictures. It's not for the overly-sensitive."

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