I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Friday, December 28, 2007

Pocket Vegas

Pocket Vegas from Hunter Hillegas has links to Vegas info maximized for display on your cell phone, PDA, or iPhone.

From the site-
"Las Vegas Information For Your Cell Phone or PDA

Imagine this: you are in Las Vegas at Bellagio and you want to know if the Italian restaurant there is any good. In the olden-days you would need to find a computer and bring up the ever-trusty RateVegas.com and look it up... Well, no longer! As many folks these days have cell phones that can surf the Web or even BlackBerries that can do even more, we have developed a special version of our database for mobile phones and small screens.

Getting started is very simple! On your mobile phone or PDA, just use the built-in browser to go to the following URL:


That's it! You will be taken to our special mobile site where you can look up the details on all your favorite Las Vegas hotels, restaurants and other attractions.

Las Vegas On Your iPhone!

There's no doubt that the iPhone is a great mobile platform. While the full Web site runs great on iPhone, we've developed a special interface that is optimized for the screen and works the way you would expect it to. Bookmark the following on your iPhone and get great Vegas info all the time:


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