I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Friday, December 21, 2007

Vegas Lists

One of Hunter Hillegas' offerings, VegasLists.com is a fun and unique site to visit and participate in for any Vegas Lover. Hunter is never content to simply put forth a run of the mill information site. His sites always present Vegas information by pushing ordinary technology to bring in the person reading and encourages them to participate and collaborate weather it be commenting on his blog TwoWayHardThree, or adding lists to his VegasLists, its all about community and encouraging participation among fellow Vegas Junkies.

The most dedicated individual can only do so much adding to a particular site, but when you have a community of people with a common love and passion adding information, the results can be very powerful. Hunter's media empire is a testament to that theory. Props are in order.

About VegasLists.com- There are lists that cover just about everything you might want to know about Vegas inculding-

Best Las Vegas Web Sites (Hunter) Best Place To Play 'Spot The Hooker' (Hunter)
Best Suites in Town (Mike E) Most Overrated (Hunter)
Most Annoying Thing in Vegas (Hunter) Secret Hideaways (Hunter)
Best Hotel Swimming Pools (Mike E) Most Underated (sox)
Best Booze in Vegas (chuckmonster) Best High End Hotels in Las Vegas (Hunter)
$1 Black Jack (Hunter) Worst Stuff About The Venetian (Hunter)
Notable Las Vegas Bars (Hunter) Lists That Someone Should Create (Hunter)

It also has a section where you can create your own lists, and save some of the lists that others have created in your favorites, a comments section, and a whole lot more.

I highly suggest you check this bad boy out.
Here's the link-

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