I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Las Vegas Casino Death Watch

Las Vegas Casino Death Watch is a fairly simple site from Nick Christenson. It is devoid of fancy graphics but jam packed full of interesting news items pertaining to hotel/casino closings in Las Vegas.
There are three sections-
Preamble -- About this document.
Recent News -- The last year's worth of relevant news items.
The List -- Which casinos are being tracked, and what state do we think they're in?

From the site-"This is Nick Christenson's Las Vegas Casino Death Watch page. Here we track the hotel/casinos that we feel are most likely to close their doors in the near future.
This page focuses on the larger Las Vegas Strip and Downtown hotel/casino combination properties. We're not going to make quite the same effort to keep track of the locals places since unless their name has "Station" or "Coast" in it, they all look to us like they might close their doors at any time. Of course, these days there aren't that many locals joints that don't have "Station" or "Coast" in their names. Also, these properties don't tend to have the same sort of history associated with them that the more familiar names do."

Here is the link-

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