I Love This Place

I Love This Place
Photo By Matthew Field

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Las Vegas Nightlife by Jeremy Womack

Here is the Blog brought to you from uber Vegas Nightlife guru Jeremy Womack.

Jeremy is in the know and features regular updates to the local Vegas nightlife scene.
From his Blog-
"I am a photographer. It's my job to bring you regular updates to the in's and out's of Las Vegas Nightlife. I work with magazine's like Las Vegas Weekly & Las Vegas Life. I am also doing something that isn't being done in the Las Vegas Nightlife scene, and that is photojournalism. Not only is JeremyWomack.com a great source to read about Las Vegas Nightlife news, but you can also see what it's all about through my eyes."

There are several categories along the right hand of the page which include- The Top 5 List, People in The Scene, DJ Spotlight and Vegas Nightclub Video Reviews.


new girl said...

Cool Joey! Things are starting to come full circle. I see Jack Colton linked in this site - I know you enjoy his tips.

Michael Emery/Bishop said...

Don't forget there is also MY section on the blog; "The Definitive Article On Seduction" there as well.

No guy should even attempt to approach women in a Las Vegas club until they read my articles...but I MIGHT have a biased opinion about that. *smirk*

Michael "Bishop" Emery