I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Monday, December 3, 2007

Vegas Freebie

Thanks to mikuaraman from the LVA forums for the site that asks "Are There Free Things to do in Las Vegas?"

Not only do they ask, but do they ever deliver an answer.
From VegasFreebie.com-"Yes! There are a lot of things to do for free in Las Vegas. Casinos are competing with each other to attract customers. To lure people into their casino, they are willing to spend lots of money on free attractions. This is one of the things that makes Las Vegas the greatest place on earth to be entertained without spending any money.
We have compiled a list of freebies so that next time you visit Las Vegas, you can take a break from gambling without pulling out your wallet. We have lists of all of the attractions sorted by locations and sorted by category.
We also have a section listing free transportation in Las Vegas.

Here's the link-

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