I Love This Place

I Love This Place
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lucrative Pain

Today's link is a blog by Christina a Las Vegas massage therapist (not the happy ending kind). Funny or sad that you have to qualify that she is legit, but in fairness when you think Las Vegas and massage I bet more folks are thinking they are the happy ending type.

Anyway she has a decnt blog in which she talks about her adventures and misadventures in massage therapy and its a pretty good read. A whole lot less salacious than the Flirtatious Distaster Blog but a good read nonetheless.
From her Blog-"Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist working on the Strip...madness ensues!"

Here's the link-


Christina said...

Thank you for the review and the linky-love, I appreciate it!

Joey said...

Hey, thanks for the entertainment, I'm just passing along stuff I find interesting to folks like me that love to read about adventures from Las Vegas.

Keep up the great work!